Ten Thumbs and Covid-19

These are very strange and difficult times we are living in. If you are suddenly at home, maybe with kids to entertain and educate, perhaps with a reduced income, we would like to help.

Learning to touch type is a useful skill, never more so than now, when so much communication is happening via a keyboard instead of face to face. If you have time on your hands, we’d like to remove any barriers to using that time productively by improving your typing.

If you’d like to try Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor, or you think your kids would benefit, and your finances are stretched, please go ahead and take advantage of our half price offer. Glad we could help!

Just $12.95

If you aren’t financially stretched, you can reward the dedicated programmers that brought you this update to Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor by choosing to pay full price. We appreciate it!

Pay $25.95

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