Why Ten Thumbs is Great for You

Ten Thumbs is packed with great features to make learning to type easy, fast and fun. Compare the features in Single User vs Multi-user (Network) edition below.

Single User Features

Get all these great features in the Single User Edition and get typing:

Multi-user Features

All the Single User features plus these great Multi-user features:

  • Choose your keyboard

    Learn QWERTY, Dvorak, QWERTZ, switch between US or UK English versions, choose a Spanish, Dutch or Danish keyboard

  • Real World Language Generator

    Type the sentences Ten Thumbs creates for you – never get bored. No typing the same old text block over and over.

  • Runs on Mac and Windows

    Supports both 32 and 64 bit systems. Run on Catalina, Windows 10 as well as Macs from version 10.1 and Windows versions 7/8.

  • Import your own text

    Import your own text to type. Just make sure you’ve learned all the keys before you do this or you’ll be presented with keys you haven’t yet learned.

  • 7 languages

    Choose from English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Danish, French or German

  • Multiple Student Profiles

    Create more than one profile to learn different keyboards, or for family members (sharing permitted when installed on one computer only)

  • Progress Reports

    Get your own personalised progress report every time you finish a lesson. Best and worst keys, speed and error rate analysis as you go.

  • Highly customizable

    Set your words per minute, feedback options, lesson length, learn numbers and symbols or skip them and more

  • Print Your Certificate

    When you reach your target with a low error rate, Ten Thumbs will generate your own personal certificate of typing competence!

  • 2 Fun Games

    Take a break from lessons and polish your skills on our two addictive games. Beat the crocodile or build stonehenge.

  • 5 Habits

    Ten Thumbs shows you the 5 habits of successful typing and encourages you to practice them.

  • Import Export Student files

    Export your student profile to move it to another machine, or import your profile from another location.

  • Network Installation

    Install Ten Thumbs over your school or university network. Save student files centrally and access from different learning stations

  • Student Classes

    Create or import classes of students, and set up learning profiles in bulk.

  • Teacher Reports

    Monitor student progress, and export or print out progress reports.

  • Control Game Access

    Turn on or off access to the games, so your students need to do a set amount of lesson time before being rewarded.

  • Set Path to Student Files

    Choose where your student files are saved.

  • Control Import/Export/Delete files

    Control whether student files can be imported, exported or deleted.

  • Supports Passwords

    Set a password for individual students and for access to the Teacher Controls

  • my dad got me a typing program when I was 8 because he felt it was important. I remember loving the viking animations that helped me learn my way around the keyboard! When we have kids ... they'll definitely learn to type from the friendly vikings I learned from too!

    Anastasia Satterfield customer
  • It's a professional program, that's perfect for adults, students, and younger children

    Rocket Download
  • Ten Thumbs tailors a typing course suitable for you