Ten Thumbs can be used on PCs using Windows or Linux and also Apple computers!
“If you are a slower ‘hunt and peck’ typist, then ‘Ten Thumbs’ software could be your best new friend.”
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Typing Information

Learn to Type with Ten Thumbs

How do I learn to type?
The first step is to acquire your typing tutor. We may be biased but we think that using Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor is one of the best ways to learn to type. We don't expect you to take our word for it though, that's why we offer him on a free 10 day trial which you can download now.

Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor will take you step by step through the process of learning to type better. He's really friendly and you can learn to type on Windows, Mac and Linux. Just load him up, and click "New" to create a new student file. Ten Thumbs will walk you painlessly through personalizing your settings and then start showing you which fingers to use for which key.

The only other thing you need do to learn to type is practice! It doesn't even take that long, just a few minutes each day rapidly builds up speed and accuracy. You can spend your time practising with his adaptive sentence generator, or take a break with his two fun games.

Before you know it, you'll be typing like a pro!

Three Great Reasons to Learn to Type!
  • Improve your productivity. Typing faster means you spend less time on each task involving typing, meaning you can achieve more. Learning to type also means improving your accuracy which will improve the quality of your finished work.
  • Improve your health. Learning to type correctly may reduce the likelihood of developing Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) by reducing the stress on your hands (learning the Dvorak keyboard may help even more). Also if you type speedily and accurately first time you'll spend less time correcting your mistakes and therefore learning to type can reduce your stress levels.
  • Improve your employability. IT skills are becoming increasingly important in all walks of life and employers are looking more and more to employ people with a sound skill base. Learning to type is an important computer skill and may make you more attractive to potential employers.

Why wait?
Download our free demo of Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor and start learning to type today!

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