Ten Thumbs can be used on PCs using Windows or Linux and also Apple computers!
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Our free Teacher's Guide also has information about using Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor to learn to type.

Lost Key

Please go here.


To upgrade to the latest version of Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor, follow these steps:

1. Check that you are eligible for a free update to the latest version, as defined here in the upgrade policy

2. If you are, you can go here and download the latest version of Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor, or you can purchase an upgrade to the next major version number for around a third of the cost of a normal Ten Thumbs license here

3. Unpack and install Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor using the built in installer.

4. Unlock this version using your license code.

5. Running this version of Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor will import all your old user data, ensuring you keep all your scores and student information!

Downloading and Installation

We suggest you try again, possibly at different times of day. Sometimes this problem spontaneously resolves itself. Try using a different browser if you have the option.

Ten Thumbs can be bought on a CD at additional cost when you buy your Ten Thumbs license online through our secure transaction processors. Click here for details.

Full system requirements are available on our system requirements page.

The trial is either for 10 days or until you have learned one third of the keyboard, whichever occurs sooner.
The Ten Thumbs program starts the countdown as soon as you open it after installing. So if you install it, glance at it, then forget about it for a fortnight, when you come to try it out it will have expired. In this situation, if you delete all trace of the program from your computer, then redownload it and install it again your free trial period will be restored.

Ten Thumbs is easy to uninstall. On the Mac, just drag the Ten Thumbs folder and the archive to the trash (wastebasket) and empty the trash (wastebasket). On Linux, erase the entire Ten Thumbs directory. On a PC, choose "Control Panel" from the Start Menu, double click "Add/Remove Programs". Select Ten Thumbs then press "Add/Remove...". Confirm you wish to remove Ten Thumbs from your computer.

Ordering and Payment

Click here for all current pricing information.

For Single-User licences, you can purchase from our secure on-line store, using a wide range of Debit or Credit Cards. You can also click on the �Register Now� button on the Splash Screen to complete a form. This will need to be posted to us with a cheque made payable in your own currency & don�t forget to include your email address.

For Multi-User licences, you can purchase from our secure on-line store, as with Single-User licences, or you can use our off-line ordering system. Please click here for full details.

Our secure online store will automatically select the correct currency for you, based on your worldwide location. For all Users within the USA, you will pay in USD, for everyone else prices will be shown in GBP, but may be debited in your local currency.

Yes, we are happy to accept purchase orders, please fill out the form you will find here. You can email us at tenthumbs@runrev.com for more information.

Yes, all of our multi - user licenses are heavily discounted so that many students or employees can use Ten Thumbs simultaneously at a low cost. Click here for details.

A single-user can be split into 2 catagories as follows;

1 = One person using their copy of the software on more than one machine. An example would be someone using the same copy both at work & at home.

2 = More than one person using the software, but only using it on one machine. An example would be a family sharing the same copy of Ten Thumbs Software on their home system.

Unfortunately if you are not included in either of these options, you should Click Here for information on our Multi-User Licences.

Unlocking Ten Thumbs

If you purchase online you will normally receive your serial number within four hours of submitting your order for single - user licenses. If you purchase a multi - user license online, you will normally receive your serial number within one business day.

If you have not received your serial number after waiting the stated time, please check that your spam filter has not filtered out the email. Most of our customers who think they have not received their unlocking code have actually had the email filtered out by the spam filter in their email program. Your unlock code email will be from "tenthumbslocal@runrev.com" and will have the subject "Re: Your Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor Order". If you have accidentally deleted your unlocking code or think you have not received it for some other reason then please email tenthumbs@runrev.com with details of the missing order.

If you pay by post or fax, you must supply a delivery email address so we can email your serial number to you within one business day of receipt of your order. Post from the USA normally reaches us within 7-10 days, frequently less. When you get your serial number, keep it in a safe place. You will need it again if you reinstall Ten Thumbs and for some Ten Thumbs upgrades.

The most likely cause of this is a simple typing error (Yes, really! It's easy to do). We recommend copy/pasting the serial number into the code box, making sure you don't copy any extra spaces or introduce any punctuation of any description. If that doesn't work, double check the number you are entering. It is the serial number you need to use, not the customer number or order number. It should be 14 digits long with no spaces or punctuation.

If you're sure the code is correct, check that your serial number is for the version you are trying to unlock. An older code will not unlock the latest download and vice versa.

Please go here.

Provided that the serial number you have is for one of the more recent versions of the program, which is still available for download from our site, you can download Ten Thumbs and re-register it with the serial number you received originally.

For older versions of Ten Thumbs, which are not still available for download from our site, you can purchase an update license, which is only $8.95, and available here. This will get you the latest version of Ten Thumbs, which should have a number of improvements over the version you were using.

Take care that you are not reinstalling the program instead of reopening it. When you have entered your registration details, quit and reopen the program from the Start menu (Windows) or by double clicking the Ten Thumbs icon in the Ten Thumbs folder (Mac). Do not reinstall it from the archive as this will install a fresh unregistered program every time.

Check that you have installed the program as administrator, with full read/write permissions. If Ten Thumbs does not have full permissions, it cannot save your registration data.

This issue is fixed in 3.0.2, to download this latest version go to downloads

Program-Specific Problems

You can avoid losing your progress in Ten Thumbs by using the Export/Import feature to save your student files from your old copy of Ten Thumbs and import them into the new copy. Press "Export" in your old version on the screen where you choose your student file before going to lessons, then follow the prompts to save your student file to the desktop, or to a CD for transfer to another computer. Reverse the process in the new copy of Ten Thumbs by pressing "Import", then selecting the appropriate file from the desktop or CD.


Have you moved the Ten Thumbs icon out of the Ten Thumbs folder? This will lead to this type of problem as Ten Thumbs needs to be able to communicate with the data files inside the folder. Move the Ten Thumbs icon back into the folder and the problem should resolve itself. Another possible cause of this type of behaviour is running some types of anti - virus program in the background. We recommend that you quit all anti virus software before running Ten Thumbs.

Check that the directory you are saving your student file to has full read/write permission. Without this, Ten Thumbs cannot save your progress.




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