Ten Thumbs can be used on PCs using Windows or Linux and also Apple computers!
"Ten Thumbs will teach your fingers to fly"
MacAddict (Oct 2004)
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Feature comparison

Single userMulti User
Runs on Mac, Windows and Linuxyesyes
Allows networkingnoyes
Full keyboard support yesyes
Allows multiple students yesyes
Creates classes of studentsnoyes
Supports passwords noyes
Individual progress reportsyesyes
Creates full teacher reportsnoyes
Exports teacher report to text filenoyes
Prints certificate of wpmyesyes
Teaches 5 habits of effective typingyesyes
2 fun games includedyesyes
Turn on or off access to gamesnoyes
Type lyrics to your iTunesyesyes
Set path to save student filesnoyes
Import or export student filesyesyes
Turn on or off delete/import/export filesnoyes
Supports 7 languagesyesyes
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