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Are you a champion of the 'hunt and peck' typing method, your two forefingers jabbing the keyboard once every few seconds as you search for the next letter of the word? Does it take you 20 minutes to write a short email? Does the idea of writing a report or an essay fill you with dread - not because of the writing, but because of the typing involved?

By learning how to type, you can kiss those torturous sessions at the computer goodbye. In its stead you will acquire a skill that will not only decrease the time you spend poking out letters, reports, and essays but also turn typing into a fun game instead of a drudgery!

That's right. We said it. Typing can be fun. By learning the basics with a program like Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor and practicing through your everyday work, you will acquire a higher typing speed and more accuracy everyday.

Soon you will be typing faster than you write with a pen and paper! Imagine how much more quickly you will be able to finish projects at work, personal writing, even notes in class or in meetings. See for yourself how quickly you pick up speed and accuracy points, how your work productivity improves, how much extra time you now have to spend on other things.

By simply improving your typing skill, you make yourself more efficient and more valuable at work- something that won't be forgotten at bonus time, when the raises are handed out, and when the promotion you've been waiting for becomes available.

Even though the increased productivity at work is a great incentive to learning how to type, an even better incentive is the fun you will have while adding this valuable asset to your arsenal. Gaining your typing skill could be the most enjoyable process of all of the studies you undertake for the betterment of your career. Your computer will become more like a video game than a work tool. Typing will no longer be a chore. Instead every computer task will become a version of the new game you've learned to play.

Get your friends and family or co-workers to join you in improving your typing skills. A mock typing tournament using a program like Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor or an online typing test will create a little healthy competition to keep you motivated. Encouraging the ability to type accurately and quickly is one of the best gifts you can give.

Learning how to type is like riding a bike: once you learn, you never forget. Spending a little time now will smooth your path through the increasingly computer oriented global marketplace. There's no stopping progress. Computers have moved in and taken over. Everyday new accomplishments and technologies replace the discoveries of the day before. It's not easy to keep up. Guarantee yourself an edge by learning to type today.

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